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Radiology Sedation Nursing encompasses the care of the patient and family/legal guardian. Pre-sedation, sedation, monitoring, and post sedation services are provided to care for a range of ages from infants to adults. The Radiology Sedation Nurse is responsible for the sedation needs of the patient in collaboration with anesthesiologists and radiologists. In addition to the sedation activities, the radiology sedation nurses care for the acute and critically ill patient population during radiology exams and procedures and collaboration with the radiology team to facilitate patient flow through the scheduled exams or procedures. Patient care activities include peripheral and central line access, Contrast administration, urinary catheterizations, assessing/triaging phone consults and requests, pre-procedure patient and family education and support during the exam or procedure. The radiology teams welcome the nursing lead on safety and emergency equipment checks and regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Roles Responsibility
Contribute to Magnet re-designation, Role model critical thinking skills, Communication reflects plan of care, Demonstrate proper use of hand off processes, Demonstrate collegial and respectful relationship, Implement change support, Role model behavior reflects empathy, Independently lead patient care sedation activities, Maintain regulatory requirements, Initiate professional activities, Engage in active review of peers, Orchestrate healthcare team involvement, Role model professional behavior and teamwork, Serve as a resource, Analyze assessment data, Role model clinical skills, Direct prioritization and organization, Documentation to highest standards, Anticipate and proactively plan for educational needs, Excel in organizational skills, Role model caring in all encounters, Communication and education to patients and families, Initiating ways to improve operations, Serve as a resource for current information, Care incorporates best practices, Participate in a Professional Organization, Mentor and precept new nurses, Speak up for safety, Continuously validate and verify information, Actively promote safety, Attend carefully to details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review
Desired Qualification
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing, BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Part Time
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