About Us

The concept of our JobGraze Platform came together at the end of 2021. Co-Founders, Jenn and Alexis, saw the burnout that nurses and physicians were experiencing, including our own family members who are physicians and nurses. Alexis is a provider and in 2021 experienced a turnover of 100 caregivers within 90 days. She couldn’t afford to hire caregivers under contracts. Current healthcare workforce solutions have gotten too costly and are negatively affecting patient care and nurses’ morale.

Over the course of 19 months, we continued to develop and build out the idea to solve the caregiver shortage, formulating a blueprint and determining requirements of what would become the Platform. We continuously engaged healthcare executives, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals for their input. The technology is AI-powered and is a logistical hiring software solution. We built this Platform with simplicity, user experience, and minimalism in mind (as not to waste your time).

We chose the goat, Otis, as our mascot to establish our company’s value of becoming the Greatest of All Time, a system to recognize their contributions to our community, and a sustainable workforce solution for employers.

We hope you like it and tell your friends and colleagues about us.
Be a G.O.A.T. Be awesome.

Mobilizing healthcare workers where and when they are needed, domestically and internationally.
Connecting licensed healthcare professionals and employers in finding a perfect fit.
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Alexis, Co-Founder
  • 30 years of healthcare executive and staffing, Board Member
  • 10 years of IT Consulting
  • Married, 1 tan terrier-mixed dog, world traveler, avid trekker
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Charlie, RN, North America Sourcing (Nurses)
  • 23 years of experience - travel nurse, clinical quality, and medical benefits utilization
  • Results-driven leader with proven success in building hospital and nursing relationships
  • Fanatic soccer fan
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Dolores, Media Relations
  • 40 years Public Relations experience
  • Political consultant
  • Married and an Opera lover
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Dr. Giselle, D.O., Sourcing (Physicians)
  • Advocate for physicians practicing rights abroad
  • Co-founded a national Task Force to combat the opioid overdose epidemic
  • Swam with wild sharks and hiked an active volcano
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Jack, General Counsel
  • Member of 5% Elite Lawyers
  • 40 years in commercial law and trial practice
  • Married 46 years and has 1 poodle
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Jenn, Co-Founder
  • 10 years in ops management
  • 3 years in recruiting and staffing
  • Loves to read and tries to read at least one book a week
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Shannon, Sales
  • 18 years of healthcare sales and leadership
  • Proven track record of building successful teams and driving revenue growth
  • Married 17 years, has 2 amazing daughters, and a beach lover
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Thanh, Operations
  • 27 years of retail ops executive, staffing, merchandising and compliance
  • 7 years of leading $2B revenue generating multi-units
  • Loves deep sea fishing
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Urmila, APRN, International Sourcing (Nurses)
  • 25 years nurse in India and U.S.
  • 5 years Nurse Practitioner (specializes in Endocrinology)
  • Happily married, has a grown daughter, and a small dog named Lulu