ICU Nurse Jobs

ICU Nurse Jobs
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JobGraze stands out as the premier nursing job board nationwide. We’ve been instrumental in supporting numerous nurses in securing their ideal ICU nurse positions, and we’re enthusiastic about helping you too! Whether you’re on the lookout for registered nurse ICU jobs, LPN ICU jobs, or ICU nurse practitioner jobs in your local area, JobGraze boasts an extensive listing of ICU nurse openings perfectly tailored for your next career move.

ICU Nurse Job Categories
  • Registered Nurse
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Per Diem Nurses
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse
  • New Grad Nurses
Nationwide Intensive Care Nurse Jobs

Whether you’re actively pursuing your next career step or simply exploring new possibilities, our platform showcases intensive care nurse jobs nationwide, carefully tailored to align with your career objectives. Our comprehensive job listings span a wide array of roles, encompassing neonatal, PRN, trauma, and more, providing a diverse spectrum of options to precisely match your professional aspirations. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or eager to embark on a new challenge, our platform is your gateway to a range of fulfilling opportunities in the field of intensive care nursing.

Who is an Intensive Care (ICU) Nurse?

Intensive care nurses, also known as ICU or critical care nurses, are a highly trained group of healthcare professionals who specialize in caring for patients with serious illnesses. They work in specialized units within hospitals, using their unique skills and knowledge to make quick decisions and respond to changes in a patient’s condition. These nurses play a vital role in delivering intensive medical attention to patients who are often admitted to the hospital due to the severity of their health issues. In critical moments, ICU nurses are essential contributors to the well-being and survival of those they care for. If you’re considering a career as an ICU nurse or possess relevant qualities, check out these job listings tailored just for you.

Key Qualities For Thriving in Intensive Care Unit Nurse Jobs

Exploring a career as an Intensive Care (ICU) nurse? Understand the essential qualities that contribute to success in this dynamic and impactful role. As you embark on your journey, reflect on the following attributes that are essential for excelling as an ICU Nurse:

Quick Decision-Making

The ICU demands quick, thoughtful decisions. Showcase your ability to navigate complex situations with intelligence and precision.

Detailed Oriented

Your meticulous attention ensures precision in patient care, medication administration, and treatment procedures, contributing to the overall accuracy and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Highly Organized

In the fast-paced and dynamic environment of intensive care, your strong organizational skills facilitate seamless coordination and communication, ensuring that critical information is efficiently processed and acted upon.

Mastery of Stress

Stress management is your forte. Detail how you effectively handle stress, maintaining focus, and delivering optimal care even in high-pressure situations.


ICU nursing demands dedication, long hours, and the challenges of caring for critically ill patients. Yet, passionate ICU nurses find fulfillment in small victories, like a patient’s health improvement or a kind word from a loved one. If you’re empathetic and dedicated, your journey in ICU nursing can be incredibly rewarding.

Collaboration Proficiency

Team collaboration is a fundamental skill in ICU nursing. In the intensive care unit, nurses work closely with physicians, specialists, aides, and various healthcare professionals. You need to be skilled in working collaboratively within a diverse healthcare team.

ICU Nurse Job Responsibilities

ICU nurses have general duties that are consistent across different ICU departments, although the specific tasks may vary. Key aspects of the role include:

  • Patient Monitoring: Utilize cutting-edge medical equipment to continuously monitor vital signs with precision and thorough assessment.
  • Excellence in Critical Care Nursing: Administer medications, intravenous fluids, and blood products with accuracy, playing a vital role in the care of critically ill patients.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Foster strong collaborative relationships within a multidisciplinary team, actively contributing to the creation and implementation of comprehensive patient care plans.
  • Advocate for Patients: Serve as a dedicated advocate for patients, ensuring transparent and empathetic communication with families regarding complex treatment plans.
  • Emergency Response: Respond with agility and expertise during emergencies, implementing life-saving interventions as needed, demonstrating a commitment to patient well-being.
  • Technical Proficiency: Navigate and troubleshoot specialized ICU equipment seamlessly, leveraging electronic health records for efficient and accurate documentation.
  • Patient Education: Empower patients and families through comprehensive education, providing insights into conditions, treatment options, and post-discharge care.
  • Nuanced Pain Management: Skillfully manage pain by closely monitoring and adjusting medications to ensure optimal patient comfort.
  • Infection Control: Implement and uphold rigorous infection control protocols, creating a safe and sterile environment within the ICU.
Average Salary Expectations for ICU Nurse Jobs

The expected salary for a Critical Care (ICU) nurse is subject to considerable variation, influenced by multiple factors such as the type of nursing position (e.g., registered nurse, LPN or LVN nurse, per diem nurse), and the nurse’s level of experience. As a result, salary expectations can differ significantly within the field of ICU nursing. According to, the average salary of a permanent ICU nurse in the United States is $84,008 as of October 25, 2023, but the range typically falls between $75,694 and $91,277.

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ICU Nurse Job FAQs

What should I consider when evaluating job offers for critical care nurse positions?

When applying for icu nurse jobs, you need to assess few factors such as nurse-to-patient ratios, shift schedules, opportunities for professional growth, and the hospital's reputation. Consider the overall work environment and how well it aligns with your career goals and values.

What types of questions should I prepare for in a critical care nursing job interview?

When applying for critical care nurse jobs, you can expect questions that revolve around your experience in critical care, how you handle emergencies, your approach to teamwork, and your communication skills. It's beneficial to be prepared to discuss specific patient cases you've managed, elaborating on your strategies for navigating complex medical situations.

What qualifications are typically required for ICU nurse positions?

ICU nurses usually need a nursing degree, RN licensure, and relevant experience in critical care or a similar setting. Many employers prefer or require certifications such as CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse).

Can new graduates apply for Intensive care nurse jobs, or is experience typically required?

Some hospitals offer ICU training programs for new graduates, while others may prefer candidates with prior critical care experience. Check the job requirements and inquire about any training or orientation programs the hospital may have for new ICU nurses.

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