Women ***** Nurse Practitioner


We are seeking a skilled and compassionate Women’s ***** Nurse Practitioner to join our outpatient team at ***** ***** in Fort Myers, FL. The Nurse Practitioner will play a vital role in delivering comprehensive women’s *****care services in an outpatient setting.

Roles Responsibility
Conduct comprehensive assessments and screenings of female patients, Develop and implement personalized care plans, including preventive ***** measures, Perform routine gynecological examinations, including pap smears and breast examinations, Provide family planning counseling and contraceptive management, Diagnose and treat common women's ***** conditions and refer patients to specialists when necessary, Offer guidance and support for menopause management and hormone replacement therapy, Educate patients on reproductive *****, wellness, and lifestyle management, Collaborate with physicians, nurses, and other *****care providers to ensure coordinated care, Maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records
Desired Qualification
MSN Master of Science in Nursing, Certification as a Women's ***** Nurse Practitioner
Full Time
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