VP Learning & Development- Organizational Development


This position reports directly to the EVP, Chief People and Talent Officer, and is responsible for operationalizing the system strategy in application to establish a Center of Learning Excellence.

Roles Responsibility
Create and maintaining learning, education, and training standards across the system, including design, teaching technologies, department onboarding, and training, Responsible for New Team Member Orientation, New Leader Orientation, department onboarding tools, preceptor and onboarding department guidelines, Responsible for Performance Management, Succession Planning, Engagement Survey and Action Planning Support and Resources, Responsible for establishing and maintaining a career resource center that supports team members in navigating career growth, Responsible for development programs, administrative fellowship, administrative internship, and academic based programs, Responsible for development and oversight of High potential programs and support models, including Executive Coaching, Lead, and Mentoring, Work with community partners to identify learning spaces, such as simulation centers, Collaborate on behavioral and learning research, Work with stakeholders to identify, prioritize, and meet the needs in alignment with the structure
Desired Qualification
Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice
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