Unit Nurse Educator, Surgical Oncology


We’re seeking a Unit Nurse Educator, Surgical Oncology, who would be recognized as an expert clinician and a leader within their area of specialty. The role is responsible for managing the complex care needs of specific patient populations.

Roles Responsibility
Demonstrates proficiency in teaching and precepting skills, Facilitates development of unit preceptors including effective delegation and interpersonal skills, Assists with the development of staff portfolios, Assists the CNS and Unit Director to conduct annual educational needs assessment, Collaborates with management and patient/family advisory council to develop standardized teaching materials for patient and family learning needs, Models effective therapeutic relationships with patients and families, Effectively elicits integrates cultural beliefs and values from of patients and integrates these into overall patient management and education, Serves as a resource person to physicians, nurses, patients, and family members, Applies principles of adult learning to plan and conduct educational sessions to promote staff development, student competence, and positive patient/family outcomes
Desired Qualification
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
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