Unit Charge Nurse, Medical Oncology, 7pm-7:30am


We’re seeking a Unit Charge Nurse, Medical Oncology, responsible Planning, coordinating and directing the daily operations of a specific shift on a clinical unit. Supervises staff and facilitates communication with physicians and internal administrators to provide optimal patient and family-centered care. This individual is recognized as a change agent and routinely leads efforts to strengthen organizational systems that support the mission, vision, and values of the department. Adept at creative problem-solving, negotiating conflict, and collaborating with others.

Roles Responsibility
Demonstrates foresight regarding the impact of nursing care on patient outcomes based on intuition and experience., Completes employee conference, risk management and unit management reports within specified time frames., Identifies the need for revision and evaluates the effectiveness of operational forms., Provides and coordinates the resources needed within the unit to provide optimal patient outcomes., Role models time management skills through example., Ensures compliance and adherence with stated policies and procedures for the unit., Remains informed of innovative clinical trends through bench marking and evidence-based practice., Functions as charge nurse., Role models delegation skills to colleagues and assist them in effective delegation utilizing the Synergy model for care., Considered an expert and is viewed as a formal leader., Mentors other Registered Nurses to the role and functions of Charge Nurse., Evaluates the use of resources and cost containment activities., Leads and coordinates team behavior between staff members and actively fosters the development of leadership skills in others.
Desired Qualification
Full Time
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