Rounding Nurse Practitioner – General Surgery


We are seeking an experienced and dedicated Acute Care Nurse Practitioner to join our esteemed team at ***** ***** Suburban Hospital. As ACNP specializing in Consults for General Surgery, you will play a pivotal role in providing high-quality patient care collaborating closely with our multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.

Roles Responsibility
Conduct thorough patient evaluations, including comprehensive medical histories, physical assessments, and diagnostic tests., Collaborate closely with attending physicians, surgeons, and medical staff to assess and manage patients requiring surgical consultation during nocturnal hours., Utilize your advanced clinical expertise to make informed decisions and develop individualized treatment plans for patients., Provide patient education and counseling, ensuring a clear understanding of diagnoses, treatment options, and post-operative care instructions., Order and interpret diagnostic tests, monitor patients' progress, and adjust treatment plans as necessary., Document patient interactions and treatment plans accurately in the electronic medical records (EMR) system., Participate actively in multidisciplinary rounds, case discussions, and contribute to the ongoing enhancement of patient care protocols., Stay updated with the latest advancements in acute care, surgical interventions, and medical practices through continuous professional development.
Desired Qualification
Full Time
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