RN Virtual Care Coordinator | Cardiac Telemedicine | Part Time Benefited


The RN Virtual Care Coordinator supports operations of the BOV Telehealth Command Center at ***** ***** Hospital. Provides virtual surveillance for patients with critical congenital or acquired heart disease in the CICU at ***** ***** Hospital, as well as others in remote institutions *****ly or inter*****ly. Monitors patient’s vital signs, trends from multiple monitoring devices, and alerts bedside teams of concerning trends when appropriate. Coordinates nursing care and services for patients and family members in specific healthcare specialty encounters by telephonic, electronic, in person, and/or by mail. Consults with physicians, and other healthcare providers to resolve health concerns. Incorporates all members of the health care team in the planning and delivery of patient care. Deals successfully with complex clinical problems. Conduct quick assessment of patients through the command center and handle emergency situations appropriately. Demonstrate evidence-based practice through participation in unit projects and activities. Responsible to lead the activities of the patient care delivery team for specific patient population. Provide continuous accountability to assess, plan, implement and evaluate clinical care and ensure that continuity of care is maintained.
All nursing practice is based on the legal scope of practice, ***** and specialty nursing standards, CNMC Policies and Procedures, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Professional Model of Care requires registered professional nurses to be responsible and accountable for their own practice. CNMC supports the development of RN relationships within the community; specifically those relationships associated with the health and well being of the community at large.

Roles Responsibility
Participate in/support Shared Nursing Leadership, Contribute to the sustainability and advancement of nursing excellence, Assist physicians and other professional providers, Develop pertinent goals based on patient response, Establish and maintain medical equipment and supplies, Ensure regulatory requirements are met, Facilitate interdisciplinary patient care rounds/conferences, Speak up when team members exhibit unsafe behavior, Respond to routine, urgent, and emergent patient issues, Participate in the performance appraisal process for all staff
Desired Qualification
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Part Time
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