RN Shift Coordinator – NICU Transport Team


***** ***** Hospital is the only hospital in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area with a rapid air and ground transport system dedicated exclusively for neonates, infants, children and adolescents. Our highly specialized pediatric and neonatal transport team transports more than 5,000 neonates and children each year.
The Shift Coordinator, on a shift to shift basis, directs the activities of and/or participates as a member of the patient care delivery team. In collaboration with unit leadership, participates in planning, managing and evaluating unit based clinical care and ensuring that continuity of care is maintained.

Roles Responsibility
Participate/support Shared Leadership, Contribute to CNMC’s Magnet Journey, Ensure nursing is evidence-based, Support Division of Nursing’s Performance Improvement process, Participate in community activities, Perform patient/family assessments, Modify skill mix and staffing levels as needed, Plan patient discharge, Utilize multidisciplinary approach, Demonstrate effective communication, Provide performance feedback, Manage conflict resolution, Advocate for patient/family concerns, Facilitate learning opportunities, Ensure educational needs are met, Speak up for safety, Verify information for decision making, Promote safety, Demonstrate cost containment strategies, Ensure staff adherence to policies, Participate in performance appraisal process, Implement change positively, Display strong leadership, Demonstrate initiatives and leadership, Partner in the organization's mission, Commit to diversity, Demonstrate integrity, Uphold confidentiality, Anticipate/respond to customer needs, Demonstrate teamwork and collaboration, Contribute to a positive work environment, Demonstrate flexibility and problem-solving, Identify opportunities for improvement, Use resources efficiently, Search for cost-effective solutions
Desired Qualification
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing, BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Full Time
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