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Radiology Sedation Nursing encompasses the care of the patient and family/legal guardian. Pre-sedation, sedation, monitoring, and post sedation services are provided to care for a range of ages from infants to adults. The Radiology Sedation Nurse is responsible for the sedation needs of the patient in collaboration with anesthesiologists and radiologists. In addition to the sedation activities, the radiology sedation nurses care for the acute and critically ill patient population during radiology exams and procedures and collaboration with the radiology team to facilitate patient flow through the scheduled exams or procedures. Patient care activities include peripheral and central line access, Contrast administration, urinary catheterizations, assessing/triaging phone consults and requests, pre-procedure patient and family education and support during the exam or procedure. The radiology teams welcome the nursing lead on safety and emergency equipment checks and regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Roles Responsibility
Contribute to Magnet re-designation, Role model critical thinking, Communication and advocacy, Escalation procedures, Collegial relationships, Implementation of change, Safety lead, Regulatory compliance, Professional development, Collaborative teamwork, Patient care leadership, Quality improvement initiatives, Educational resource, Safety promotion, Recognizing unsafe behavior, Continuous validation, Communication proficiency, Commitment to organizational principles, Diversity commitment, Personal integrity, Confidentiality maintenance, Customer service, Team collaboration, Performance improvement, Adaptability and problem-solving, Cost-efficient resource utilization
Desired Qualification
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Full Time
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