RN, Operating Room Circulator for General Surgery, 6:40a to 7:10p, call required


Capable clinician who has acquired broad experience in caring for patients, and has developed a sound understanding about the care of a particular patient population. Routinely uses acquired knowledge, theory, research and experience to respond to changes in clinical situations. Is able to apply the Synergy Model for Care in practice, and use this knowledge to personalize care for each patient/family. Serves as a resource to colleagues and strong advocate for patients/families. Consistently communicates effectively and respectfully with the patient, the patient’s family, and other members of the ***** team. Delivers safe, dependable and effective care to a patient population independently utilizing the nursing process.

Roles Responsibility
Apply the Synergy Model for Care in practice, Personalize care for each patient/family, Advocate for patients/families, Communicate effectively with patients and ***** team, Deliver safe and effective care independently
Desired Qualification
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Full Time
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