RN, Oncology, 7pm-7:30am, ***** Saint Joseph’s Hospital


Capable clinician who has acquired broad experience in caring for patients, and has developed a sound understanding about the care of a particular patient population.

Roles Responsibility
Apply Synergy Model for Care, Personalize care for each patient/family, Advocate for patients/families, Deliver safe and effective care independently, Utilize nursing process, Plan and implement patient care, Evaluate patient's response to care, Identify patient and family learning needs, Manage time effectively, Delegate appropriately, Recognize roles of interdisciplinary team, Function in developing leadership role, Demonstrate effective listening skills, Reduce barriers to communication, Advocate for patients based on knowledge of condition, Maintain confidentiality, Accept personal accountability for professional development, Collect, report, analyze and provide data, Meet all Clinical Nurse I Employee Commitments, Achieve points and contact hours as defined in clinical lattice point system
Desired Qualification
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
Full Time
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