RN Cardiac ICU PRN (Must have 2 or more years of Peds CICU Experience)


All nursing practice is based on the legal scope of practice, ***** and specialty nursing standards, ***** ***** Policies and Procedures, andin accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Professional Model of Care requires registered professional nurses to be responsible andaccountable for their own practice. ***** ***** supports the development of RN relationships within the community; specifically thoserelationships associated with the health and well being of the community at large.

Roles Responsibility
Contribute to Magnet re-designation, Demonstrate critical thinking skills, Communicate to reflect development of plan of care, Independently initiate escalation of issues, Demonstrate proper use of handoff processes, Demonstrate collegial and respectful relationship with staff, Participate in implementing change and support management decisions, Role model behavior reflecting empathy, concern, and a desire to help others.
Desired Qualification
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
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