Registered Nurse, Operating Room, 6:40am – 5:10pm, call required


Capable clinician who has acquired broad experience in caring for patients, and has developed a sound understanding about the care of a particular patient population. Routinely uses acquired knowledge, theory, research and experience to respond to changes in clinical situations. Serves as a resource to colleagues and strong advocate for patients/families. Consistently communicates effectively and respectfully with the patient, the patient’s family, and other members of the ***** team.

Roles Responsibility
Use acquired knowledge, personalize care, serve as a resource to colleagues, advocate for patients/families, communicate effectively with patients, families, and ***** team, deliver safe and effective care, document nursing process accurately, plan and implement patient care independently, utilize patient/family focus on cost containment, demonstrate effective listening skills, reduce communication barriers, individualize care, promote cultural awareness, implement action in non-routine situations, maintain confidentiality, participate in unit issues, collect and provide data, meet Clinical Nurse I Employee Commitments
Desired Qualification
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Full Time
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