Registered Nurse – Home Care – Full Time


The Registered Nurse assumes responsibility and accountability for the management of nursing and home health aide functions and the utilization of ancillary agency staff. Supervises and assists, when needed, with client care in accordance with established standards of care. Promotes positive relationships between nursing, home health aide employees, physicians and other agencies. Projects a competent, caring image to the public served.

Roles Responsibility
All clinical skills assessment, Collaborates with primary care physicians, Performed clinical assessments for in-home care and environmental safety, Coordinates client care and services, Develops and implements care plan, Reports client safety issues, Communicates client needs and condition changes, Acts in emergency situations, Acts as a liaison between care team and clients, Performs health education, Supervises visits, Reports abuse or exploitation, Ensures clear physician orders, Assists nursing and home health aide staff, Participates in evaluations and counseling, Participates in quality improvement, Participates in community health promotion activities, Participates in new program development, Ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines, Meets deadlines, Maintains current knowledge, Maintains positive relationships with peers and supervisors.
Desired Qualification
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing, CPR certified
Full Time
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