Registered Nurse Fulltime 7PM- 7AM


As a registered nurse (RN) at ***** *****, you will be responsible for supervising care and treatments, leading patient assessments, creating personalized plans of care, targeting patient concerns, and offering the best solutions. You will provide empathy, listen closely to patient stories, and address their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Your goal is to help patients progress, build rewarding relationships, and assist them in regaining control of their lives.

Roles Responsibility
Supervising care and treatments, Leading patient assessments, Creating personalized plans of care, Targeting patient concerns, Offering the best solutions, Providing empathy, Listening closely to patient stories, Addressing physical, mental, and emotional needs, Helping patients progress, Building rewarding relationships, Assisting in regaining control of their lives
Desired Qualification
Current RN licensure, CPR certification, One or more years of experience in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital setting
Full Time
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