Registered Nurse


Assists by acting as an intermediary between the operating room staff and other ***** staff. Ensures that the surgical room is sterile and safe for the patient. Works side by side with scrub nurses to help maintain the sterile field in the operating room. Prepares the patient for the procedure and handles the preparation for the operating room before the surgery takes place. Must have a strong attention to detail and physical stamina to handle long, arduous work hours. Assess the patient’s condition before a surgical procedure. Assesses the needs of the patient during the procedure, to ensure the best outcome. Works with a physician to develop the care plan for the patient during the surgery. Continues to evaluate the patient.

Roles Responsibility
Acting as an intermediary, Ensuring surgical room sterility, Preparing patients for procedures, Assessing patient condition, Developing care plans
Desired Qualification
ADN Associate Degree in Nursing, LPN Licensed Practical Nursing
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