Registered Nurse, Acute Care


Recognized as a proficient, highly skilled clinician who routinely demonstrates acquired in-depth knowledge about the care of a specific patient population in daily practice. Provides dependable, effective, and efficient care to a patient population using the nursing process. Acts as a resource to other nurses/colleagues regarding patient care. Manages time effectively and assists others with time management activities. Develops or revises policies and procedures for a patient population. Functions in a leadership role and as Charge Nurse when assigned. Anticipates patient and family learning needs. Resolves routine, non-routine, or complex issues independently. Participates in unit-specific issues and needs. Must meet all Clinical Nurse I Employee Commitments.

Roles Responsibility
Provide effective patient care, Act as a resource to colleagues, Manage time effectively, Develop and revise policies and procedures, Function in a leadership role, Resolve patient and family issues, Participate in unit-specific issues and needs, Meet Clinical Nurse I Employee Commitments
Desired Qualification
Full Time
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