PRN Transport Paramedic


A member of the GCHSWFL Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Team. Participates in evaluating patient status/need and determining priority of transport request. Must have strong clinical knowledge and ability to work closely with leadership, physicians, Registered Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists. Will be required to perform intra-system and inter-facility transports with EMT or RN/RT support based on priority triage. Requires patient assessment and implementation of plan of care in collaboration with other *****care professionals and under the direction of transport team physician. Performs daily maintenance of the ambulance; including all ALS/BLS equipment stored in ambulance, maintaining logs, and restocking supplies.

Roles Responsibility
Participate in evaluating patient status and determining transport priority, Work closely with leadership, physicians, RNs, and Respiratory Therapists, Perform intra-system and inter-facility transports with support, Perform patient assessment and implement care plans, Maintain ambulance equipment, logs, and supplies
Desired Qualification
HS High School
PRN as needed
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