PRN Customer Service Representative – Pediatrics Endocrinology – Women and Children’s Plaza


The Customer Service Representative position is responsible for providing excellent customer service in a team-based environment for all aspects of patient business activity within the Practice/Department. Responsibilities include handling telephones, patient appointment scheduling, patient check-in, insurance verification, authorization, pre-certifications, referrals, and posting charges, initial collections, preparing well-coded and accurate billing, and maintenance of medical records. Late hours, holidays, and weekends may be required. Other duties as assigned by the Manager/Supervisor of the department.

Roles Responsibility
Providing excellent customer service, Handling telephones, Scheduling appointments, Checking-in patients, Verifying insurance, Obtaining authorizations, Handling referrals, Posting charges, Collecting payments, Billing accurately, Maintaining medical records, Managing business services for different types of accounts
Desired Qualification
High School Diploma or Equivalent
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