PRN Cat Scan Technologist – Gulf Coast Medical Center


Performs all CT procedures and maintains a thorough working knowledge of the operation of all equipment in the CT area. Safely operates the scanner and injector in order to produce diagnostic quality CT images. Understands the computer software of the CT scanners and maintains competency in CT area. Consistently applies working knowledge pertaining to CT anatomy and patho-physiology to produce a high standard of quality images while under the direction of a radiologist. Provides appropriate and safe patient care. Works positively with all customers to promote patient, employee, and physician satisfaction. Participates in performance improvement initiatives. Participates in staff/student orientation and training. Performs venipuncture for appropriate exams. May transport non-narcotic medications as directed.

Roles Responsibility
Performs all CT procedures, Operates CT scanner and injector, Maintains equipment, Produces diagnostic quality CT images, Provides patient care, Collaborates with customers, Participates in performance improvement, Conducts venipuncture, Transports medications
Desired Qualification
HS, ARRT approved Radiography Program
PRN as needed
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