NURSE PRACTITIONER / 24 hours/ Cardiovascular/ Inpatient


The Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner (NP) is responsible for the care of a complex cardiovascular focused patient population in an inpatient setting. This role involves coordinating with the healthcare team to deliver comprehensive care to patients.

Roles Responsibility
1. Provide direct care, counseling, and teaching to a select patient population.,2. Perform physical examinations and provide preventive health measures.,3. Order and interpret appropriate lab and diagnostic tests.,4. Arrange and manage care plans based on assessments.,5. Perform laboratory tests.,6. Order medications and write prescriptions.,7. Record patient care findings in medical records.,8. Set priorities for patient care.,9. Maintain interdisciplinary approach to patient care.,10. Incorporate health maintenance and promotion into practice.,11. Demonstrate awareness of community resources.
Desired Qualification
Masters in Nursing, APRN Nurse Practitioner Certification, Prescriptive Authority, APRN License in Massachusetts
Full Time
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