Nurse Manager- Surgical/Ortho PCU Cape Coral Hospital


Manages a defined area of organized patient care services. The Manager actively participates in organizational leadership functions and collaborations with other organizational leaders and medical staff in designing and providing patient care and services. Managers allocate available resources to promote safe, efficient, effective and compassionate nursing care, provide input into executive level decisions and keep staff informed of executive level activities. Managers provide direction to patient care staff to promote quality patient care, nursing services, and a culture of safety on a continuous basis. The Manager is responsible for ensuring consistent nursing standards guide the provision of nursing care. He/she serves on the Nursing Leadership Council to provide clinical perspectives to issues, as well as, serves as a staff and patient and family advocate. Responsible for directing and coordinating patient care, within their defined area of responsibility, through established standards subscribed by the American Nurses Association and in accordance with the Florida Nurse Practice Act.

Roles Responsibility
Manages organized patient care services, Participates in organizational leadership functions, Collaborates with organizational leaders and medical staff, Allocates resources for nursing care, Provides input into executive-level decisions, Keeps staff informed of activities, Provides direction to patient care staff, Ensures nursing standards, Serves on Nursing Leadership Council, Coordinates patient care, Advocates for staff, patients, and families
Desired Qualification
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Masters degree in Nursing or other *****care field preferred
Full Time
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