Medical Assistant/ Licensed Practical Nurse – USFTGP OBGYN


Works under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician. Assists staff, providers, residents, and medical students with patient care, clerical, and organizational tasks using a team-based approach in providing patient care. Provides information to patients so they may fully utilize and benefit from the care services. May be assigned to specific medical specialty (e.g., surgery, cardiology, neurology) to help with patient care related to that specialty or may be expected to cross-cover multiple specialties. Works closely with supervisor to ensure responsibilities defined below are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Roles Responsibility
Perform patient care tasks such as take vital signs, assist with physical examinations, administer subcutaneous, intradermal, and intramuscular injections, perform EKGs, provide BLS and AED, perform basic lab procedures/collect lab specimens, and observe and report patient signs and symptoms in a professional and courteous manner to provide a positive patient visit. Complete pre-visit planning, including chart prep and obtaining medical records for patients, allowing the patient to have an efficient and complete visit. Provides care instructions to patient and complete documentation of care in the EMR to ensure patient adherence and documentation and billing accuracy and compliance. Considers the patient experience and completes related tasks, including gathering needed information to help address patient needs and concerns and supporting the provider in meeting quality metrics established for the clinic to ensure continuous clinic safety and quality patient care. Order supplies, stock exam room & maintain equipment according to established procedures to ensure a safe and efficient work environment
Desired Qualification
Full Time
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