LPN II – Full Time – HIV (Ryan White Grants), DC


All nursing practice is based on the legal scope of practice, ***** and specialty nursing standards, ***** ***** Policies, and procedures and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The LPN ll will be responsible to provide care under direct supervision of a Registered Nurse, Physician or Advanced Practice Nurse. ***** ***** supports the development of the LPN within the community specifically those relationships associated with the health and wellbeing of the community at large.

Roles Responsibility
Differentiate a new problem from a long term problem at the time of admission/clinic visit; conduct a patient history, Accurately take TPR, BP, height & weight, Recognize physical and behavioral changes, Collect and test specimens, Prepare for the set up of monitors and D.C.'s peripheral IV's, Follow infection control protocols and plans, Follow nursing practice guidelines and protocols, Follow physician's orders precisely, Orient children and families, Review the medical record, Teach families how to administer routine medications at home, Implement aspects of the education plan, Recognize and escalate patient care, Refer to physicians and registered nurses, Perform actions of preventive health care, Offer extra attention to a child who is alone, Complete all mandatory education and regulatory requirements, Develop annual goals, Assist a float or an orientee, Work in a collaborative manner with all members of the healthcare team, Immediately and accurately document observations, interventions, teaching and the child/family response
Desired Qualification
High School Diploma or GED, Vocational/Technical Training Program in a related field
Full Time
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