Licensed Practical Nurse – Jail Health Services


We are currently seeking a LPN to join our Jail Health Services team. This position is part-time with benefits, 56 hours per pay period, evening shift, and every other weekend.
With the context of the ***** County Medical Center Relationship-Based Care Practice Model, under the direction of providers and/or the registered nurse, the Licensed Practical Nurse assists providers in the delivery of care and performs nursing functions within the LPN scope of practice.


Contribute to the initial and ongoing assessment of patients
Obtain patient information and medical history including current medications, allergies, chief complaint, and immunization schedule
Perform basic patient care activities including taking and charting vital signs
Under the direction of a registered nurse, provide patient education from standardized teaching plans
Transcribe orders, maintain telephone communication, and call prescription refills as directed by providers
Assist with tracking and review of medical records and lab results
Clean equipment and rooms. Maintain a safe environment
Procure and stock equipment and supplies and ensure that equipment is operable through quality assurance checks
Maintain clinical competence within the area of specialty
Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with patient and family, team members, department and medical center personnel
Perform other duties as assigned, but only when trained to do so

Roles Responsibility
Contribute to patient assessment, Obtain patient information, Perform basic patient care activities, Provide patient education, Transcribe orders, Clean equipment and rooms, Maintain safe environment, Procure and stock supplies, Maintain clinical competence, Develop positive working relationships, Perform assigned duties
Desired Qualification
Certificate in Nursing Assisting, Licensed Practical Nursing
Part Time
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