Licensed Practical Nurse, Home Care, PRN



The LPN shall perform nursing care activities for clients as assigned. The LPN shall contribute to the planning, implementation and evaluation of clients care.


Essential job duties:

Safeguards the rights of the client and protects all client information in a confidential manner quickly and politely.
Client assessment and clinical notes with the inclusion of vitals are complete, appropriate for client and submitted in accordance with agency policy.
Ensure proper use of electronic device and maintains entries that are confidential.
Care is planned and given according to age of client and all activities are documented.
Client education is documented throughout client chart. Referrals to other Services are documented in client chart.
Maintains knowledge of Home Chart contents and uses contents for education.
Clients are seen as assigned needs are appropriately met by identifying and prioritizing problems/nursing care needs.
Client/family encouraged participating in health care planning and casing conferences.
Health related client focused education.
Appropriate care is given according to the plan of care.
Modification of nursing care plan is recommended as needed when change in condition is identified.
Physician calls are made as warranted or change in client’s condition.
Medications are correctly administered and documented.
All safety and environmental concerns in the home are identified per agency policy and procedures are followed and documented.
Appropriate response to emergency needs is met without delay. Must be able and know how to dial 911.
Charts are complete, descriptive and appropriately signed.
Nursing supervisor and other appropriate persons are consulted when needed. Assistance is sought when new and unfamiliar activities are performed.
Physician’s orders on the plan of care are appropriately carried out.
A positive, courteous attitude is maintained with the physician to promote a good relationship with client, physician and nursing staff.
A cooperative attitude is exhibited to fellow workers.
Client needs and condition changes are communicated to appropriate persons.
Timely complete, concise, accurate and legible documentation is maintained in all records and reports including MARs, narcotic and vent measurements as appropriate.
Problems are promptly reported to appropriate person.
Unsafe nursing practices and irregularities in compliance with established standards of care, policies and procedures are reported.
Cooperates with and adapts to planned and unplanned changes in agency operations.
Reports to supervisor each work day per agency policy.
When requested assist with learning experiences for new HHA Aides and takes responsibility for client’s welfare as new HHA Aide is assisted.
Equipment is maintained in good condition and properly stored.
Nursing bag is stocked and maintained.
Incident reports are completed accurately and promptly.
All charges are appropriately entered on charge sheets and charged out appropriately.
All established policies and procedures are followed.
Attends staff meetings and attendance is documented.
Participates in performance improvement activities in area of assignment.
Performs other duties as required or as responsibilities necessitate.
Carries out interagency assignments and communications. Good rapport is evident.
Assist with suggestions to improve the Quality and safety committee objectives.
Attends all required in-service programs, multidisciplinary team meetings and attendance is documented.
Conducts self in a manner that promotes positive relationship and teamwork among employees and between agencies.
Proper personal protective equipment is utilized such as gowns, gloves, eyewear, face shield, etc.
Responsible and accountable for own clinical practice.
Complete and maintain skills according to Home Care regulations.
Must be available for supervisory visits.
Work output is satisfactory.
Dependable and can be relied upon to fill responsibilities and commitments.
Adheres to visit schedules.
Frequently acts upon own initiative to perform acceptable range of duties. Exhibits resourcefulness in overcoming obstacles.
Employee responds or conforms to changing, new or unexpected situations.
Usually makes reasonable decisions in normal situations, in general, judgment is reliable.
All clinical skills as demonstrated on the skills assessment & demonstration check list (completed during new hire orientation)

Other job duties:

Performs other duties as assigned.

Roles Responsibility
Safeguard clients' rights and information, Complete client assessment and clinical notes, Ensure proper use of electronic devices, Provide client education, Communicate client needs and condition changes
Desired Qualification
Graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing
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