Licensed Practical Nurse – full time


The LPN shall perform nursing care activities for clients as assigned. The LPN shall contribute to the planning, implementation and evaluation of clients care.

Roles Responsibility
Safeguards the rights of the client, Client assessment and clinical notes, Ensure proper use of electronic device, Care is planned and given according to client's age, Client education and referrals documented, Maintain knowledge of Home Chart contents, Identify and prioritize problems/nursing care needs, Client/family participation in health care planning, Physician calls when needed, Administer and document medications, Address safety and environmental concerns, Respond to emergency needs, Consult supervisors when needed, Carry out physician's orders appropriately, Maintain positive relationships, Communicate client changes to appropriate persons, Maintain timely and accurate documentation, Report problems and irregularities, Attend staff meetings and performance improvement activities, Assist with learning experiences, Complete incident reports accurately, Follow established policies and procedures, Attend required in-service programs and meetings, Conduct self in a positive manner, Utilize personal protective equipment, Responsible and accountable for clinical practice, Maintain and update skills as per regulations, Be available for supervisory visits, Adhere to visit schedules, Act upon own initiative, Respond or conform to changing situations, Make reasonable decisions, Demonstrate clinical skills as per checklist, Other duties as assigned
Desired Qualification
LPN Licensed Practical Nursing
Full Time
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