Certified Nursing Assistant Trainee


After being hired to a specific nursing unit, the CNA Trainee attends classes 30-hours per week for 6-weeks to become a Certified Nursing Assistant at an organization-approved local technical college. The CNA Trainee will participate in 10 hours of training and orientation per week on the unit in which they were hired prior to completing the CNA course. Provides patient care duties under the guidance and direction of the nurse on the unit and works with an assigned CNA at all times during the 6-week training.

Roles Responsibility
Assists the CNA in implementing components of the plan of care, initiation/completion of procedures related to basic human, mental ***** and social needs, comfort, safety and emergency measures, activities of daily living, personal care needs, nutrition and fluid and elimination needs, access to and transport non-controlled medications as directed.
Desired Qualification
High School Diploma or GED equivalent
Full Time
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