Jobgraze A New Company Providing Help For The Nursing Shortage

Jobgraze A New Company Providing Help For The Nursing Shortage

October 5, 2023

For Immediate Release

A new dynamic employment leader has emerged to help rescue the critical nursing shortages both here in the United States and World-Wide. JobGraze will officially launch its brand new platform on October 5, 2023 and the company is located and headquartered here in Tampa, Florida. It’s the first in the industry to charge lower fees than the competition and employers will gain and find greater employee retention.

The company is founded by two Asian women, Alexis Nguyen and her niece, Jenn Vuong. They are both well experienced in the healthcare business, and they are familiar with the shortages of healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical personnel. They are excited and prepared to fill that void with their new JobGraze Platform. It will enable employers to seek and find nurses and other medical professionals from both within and in foreign countries to be supplied by JobGraze.

The world is now and will experience a tremendous shortage of nurses by 2031 of over 13 million. JobGraze is addressing this shortage by bringing professionals together from across the globe. Their mission is to empower every licensed healthcare worker to land their dream jobs by providing a community platform where they can strive to be their best and obtain flexible and better working conditions. All foreign personnel are pre-screened, qualified, and ready to work.

JobGraze with its professional team will provide the medical industry with the ability to fill job opportunities through more affordable fees. This will also ensure better retention of the applicants. Additionally, it will target nurses and doctors who are in the United States and across the globe to be positioned in places where the shortages are more apparent and much needed.

Alexis Nguyen, a co-founder of JobGraze stated, “There will be a world-wide shortage of nursing professionals so we have set up our company platform to attract nurses and other healthcare professionals to be able to place themselves in a good work environment”. The firm is LGBTQ friendly, and she further stated, “It’s fantastic to be involved with JobGraze to fill this void in the medical field and I am truly excited that my niece and I will work together to ensure the success of this company”. Nguyen has a strong background in the healthcare industry and extremely determined to provide this valuable service both here in the United States and to other places like Canada and the U.K.

Their mission is to empower every licensed healthcare worker to be able to work here in the United States and to avoid the crisis expected in the year 2031.

Alexis Nguyen earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, and her Master’s from the Keller School of Management.

For further information, please contact Alexis Nguyen at 501 E. Kennedy Blvd. #650JG, Tampa, Florida 33602, by email at or phone at 317-771-2799.
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