Your Guide to Finding the Right Freelance Healthcare Jobs

Jul 5, 2022

freelance healthcare jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many people’s work habits. For the first time, many Americans did their work from home. 

Even after the lockdowns ended, this routine remained desirable for many. Pew Research found that 60% of Americans who worked from home would like to continue doing so. 

However, those interested in the medical field may wonder how they can achieve this. After all, don’t most medical jobs necessitate workers to work on-site? 

The answer to this isn’t as clear-cut as it seems. Many freelance healthcare jobs allow people to contribute to the medical field while working from home. 

Freelance healthcare jobs take several forms, giving workers flexibility in their approaches. Learn more about how to get started by checking out this article! We’ll explore five healthcare jobs in the guide below. 

1. Writing As A Medical professional

Common medical jobs for freelancers often include writing positions. The medical industry requires several types of written content to function. 

The type of writing you do may depend on the business. For example, medical equipment manufacturers need writers to draft manuals for their products.

These writers can clearly describe the equipment and its functions, allowing medical professionals to use it correctly. Other times, writers may write blog posts for a medical office. 

These posts may explain differences between operations or the symptoms of various conditions. They may also write informative guides about the health risks of various activities. 

You may wonder about the qualifications required to do this kind of writing. Experience requirements vary depending on the client and the type of writing necessary. Manual writers may need a medical license to do their work. 

Other types of writing may rely more on experience than credentials. The best way to find out is to look at medical employers and see what requirements exist for their medical professionals

2. Medical Transcription Freelance Healthcare Jobs

Other healthcare professional jobs include writing medical transcriptions. These healthcare jobs usually require their freelancers to be licensed medical professionals. 

There are two certification types that these workers can get:

  • registered medical transcriptionist 
  • certified medical transcriptionist

Certification courses require candidates to complete an initial exam. Later, candidates must undergo occasional retesting or continued training. 

Besides a certification, transcriptionists also need fast and accurate typing skills. They also need a sharp eye for detail. 

Paying attention to details helps you avoid copying errors in your transcriptions. This way, the information remains reliable. 

Finally, transcriptionists need a thorough knowledge of grammar, punctuation rules, and style. The last thing you want is transcriptions riddled with errors.

3. Medical Coders and Billers

Other popular medical freelance jobs include medical coders and billers. Insurance companies hire healthcare workers like these to process paperwork from medical practices and hospitals. 

Most of these positions let you work from the comfort of your home. Occasionally, you may need to come into the office. 

So, what requirements do employers have for these positions? Usually, employers want their coders to have formal training or certifications. This ensures the coder has the necessary knowledge to keep their operation afloat. 

These positions also require familiarity with several aspects of the medical industry. These include things like:

  • terminology
  • anatomy
  • diagnoses
  • healthcare operations
  • codes for each of these items

Ensure you do your due diligence before accepting a job. Unfortunately, these types of healthcare jobs are often the perfect bait for scammers. This article can help you identify work-from-home scans before it’s too late!

4. Medical Call Center

In many cases, medical call centers prefer to hire registered nurses. However, some extend their medical employment to professionals who cover customer service-related medical needs. 

These positions usually allow people to work without a medical license. Make sure your home office can accommodate the following equipment before starting this job.

  • company landline phone service
  • broadband internet connection
  • desktop PC

Many companies focus on your computer setup. Some employers may not allow laptop PCs or Apple Mac computers for the job. 

They may also hold specific requirements for your computer, such as a processor with 1Ghz-2Ghz capacity. Usually, these companies prefer it if you have a Windows operating system. It’s best to ask which version they prefer, as some may work with older packages. 

Finally, many of these workers have a standard 1GB of RAM storage. They usually have sound cards and speakers for ease of communication. 

5. Freelance Nursing Jobs

This final option works primarily for professional nurses. Although most nursing positions require full-time work, some jobs allow nurses to work from home as freelancers. These jobs form a part of the growing telehealth movement. 

So, what might some of these roles include? One option is a legal nurse consultant. These professionals are Registered Nurses that offer consultation services and expertise to attorneys about medical issues. 

These jobs require nurses to bridge the gaps between legal processes, healthcare information, and patient outcomes. As such, they play a valuable role in the justice system. 

Other nurses may work as healthcare recruiters. These professionals hire healthcare employees to work for various offices and agencies.

Please note that most of these positions favor Registered Nurses. However, some will hire Licensed Practical Nurses as well. 

Find the Freelance Healthcare Jobs You Need

As you can see, several freelance healthcare jobs exist within the healthcare industry. Some of these roles cast a broader net into their hiring pool.

As you’ve seen, some medical writers can land a job without any medical certifications. Other freelancing jobs will require their workers to meet these requirements. 

If these jobs appeal to you, you may wonder how to look for them. If so, consider starting with us!

We connect licensed medical professionals to the best employers for their skillsets. This way, both parties get the best out of their working experience.

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