The Time Is Now For Overseas Sponsorship

Nurses, physical therapists, and medical technicians make up 30-40% of the healthcare workforce. In 2022, they experienced a 27.1% turnover rate.

Canada is sending delegations to the Philippines to recruit nurses. U.S. employers must act now in order to lock them in before they are depleted.

You Cannot Employ People You Don’t Have.

The U.S. Labor Crises for healthcare workers is not temporary. Half of the hospitals in the U.S. will be reporting millions in loss due to overtime, high turnover rate, and premium pay. You will find a solid partner in JobGraze to find workers for you from overseas.

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With a 3-year retention, you could save over $100,000 per hire. Whether you need 1 or 50 permanent employees, we can have 45 candidates scheduled for interview every 14 days.

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JobGraze prepares overseas workers for sponsorship.