Radiology Clerk – Cape Coral Hospital


Responsible for the distribution of images and imaging results to all customers (patients, physicians and other clinical staff). Primary contact in the radiology department for media import/export. Ability to work independently. Must possess troubleshooting, communication, customer service, and organizational skills. Firm commitment to quality and demonstration of personal traits such as trust, innovation, team orientation, compassion, and commitment for employees, patients, and families. May be required to perform Radiology Assistant duties as needed and transport non-narcotic medications.

Roles Responsibility
Distribute images and imaging results, Serve as primary departmental contact for media import/export, Work independently, Possess good troubleshooting skills, Demonstrate effective communication, Provide customer service, Maintain organizational skills, Commit to quality, Demonstrate personal traits of trust, innovation, team orientation, compassion, and commitment, Perform Radiology Assistant duties, Transport non-narcotic medications
Desired Qualification
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Full Time
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