Psychological Examiner – Peds – Golisano


Provides outpatient psychological testing services to youth ages four through young adulthood, including administration and scoring of psychological test batteries evaluating cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, behavioral, and emotional functioning. Works under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist. Referrals for psychological testing typically include diagnostic clarification, assisting in determining appropriate educational placement, and provision of treatment recommendations for future/ongoing mental ***** treatment. Communicates with schools to obtain academic records and standardized behavioral questionnaires from teachers. Other responsibilities include: patient and parent communication, coordination of testing appointments, communication with local schools, and organization and ordering of testing materials.

Roles Responsibility
Provide outpatient psychological testing services, Administer and score psychological test batteries, Communicate with schools and parents, Coordinate testing appointments, Organize and order testing materials
Desired Qualification
Master of Science in Psychology
Full Time
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