Pharmacist-Clinic ***** Physician group


The LPG Pharmacist will be integrated into primary care with a focus on improving patient outcomes through assuring optimal prescribing practices consistent with evidence-based literature and treatment guidelines. Responsibilities include conducting medication use evaluations, supporting patient access and adherence to therapy, leveraging analytic data for interventions, collaborating with *****care providers, performing medication reconciliation, providing comprehensive medication management, offering recommendations on high-cost medications, participating in quality improvement initiatives, and providing educational presentations.

Roles Responsibility
Conduct medication use evaluations, support patient access and adherence to therapy, leverage analytic data for interventions, collaborate with *****care providers, perform medication reconciliation, provide comprehensive medication management, offer recommendations on high-cost medications, participate in quality improvement initiatives, provide educational presentations
Desired Qualification
Doctor of Pharmacy, BS Pharmacy degree from a College of Pharmacy Accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Full Time
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