Patient Care Technician – 7E Medical Unit (NA/EMT certification required, Day/Night rotation)


In collaboration with the multidisciplinary health care delivery team, under the direction of the Registered Nurse perform basic nursing care activities, assist in maintaining a safe, clean, stocked patient care setting, assist staff members and help direct patient flow .

Roles Responsibility
Patient Services - Admission, Set up of monitor and alarms, Perform vital signs, height, weight and head circumference, Patient ADL’s, Ensure proper nutrition as ordered, Care of tube feeding and feeding of patients, Application of skin creams as directed by RN, Collection of cultures, urine and stool samples, etc., Recognize and report pain and skin breakdown, Prioritize tasks and special requests from RN, Assist in performance of trach care and EVDs, Assist with central line dressing, pin care, cast and traction care and care for dying patients, Assist with preparation of room for discharge and admission, Obtain equipment and supplies and maintain PAR levels, Monitor Surveillance, Infection Control, Documentation, Communication/Professionalism, Shared Leadership, Safety, Self-Responsibly, Organizational Accountabilities, Organizational Commitment/Identification, Customer Service, Teamwork/Communication, Performance Improvement/Problem-solving, and Cost Management/Financial Responsibility
Desired Qualification
HS High School
Full Time
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