OR Surgical Technologist 5/8s 06:30-1500


Functions in the role of scrub technician under all aspects of surgical techniques, both routine and special surgical procedures, and performs them in a professional manner.

Applies the principles of asepsis in a knowledgeable manner to provide optimum patient care.
Prepares and knows the specific uses of all equipment and supplies used for surgical procedures.
Develop and improves skills in assisting the surgeon and in the organization of work by learning the use economy in time, motion, and materials.
Develop initiative in order to inquire and explore new surgical procedures and subjects relating to the operating room and the surgical patient.
Differentiate sterilization methods for special equipment and instruments necessary for specific surgical procedures.
Provides a safe, efficient environment for the surgical patient and respects the patient’s right to privacy, dignity, and safety.
Recognizes and clearly understands that each individual is responsible for his or her own actions. Fulfills responsibilities of stand-by call assignment. •Participates on teams created to improve outcome quality through process improvement and team technologies.
Performs additional duties as assigned.

Roles Responsibility
Scrub technician, Assist the surgeon, Maintain aseptic techniques, Organize work effectively, Ensure patient safety and privacy, Participate in quality improvement initiatives
Desired Qualification
Surgical Technician
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