The faculty physician, at the Assistant or Associate Professor level, is primarily responsible for the care of patients with brain tumors in both the hospital and hospital associated clinics. The position will have research, educational and advocacy components as determined by the Chief of the Division of Oncology in concert with the Senior Vice President of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. At least 80% of the physician’s effort will be restricted to neuro-oncology patient care, research, education and advocacy with the remainder reserved for protected academic pursuits.The physician is to develop a focused research interest, either clinical or translational, in neuro-oncology and will collaborate with other members of the Brain Tumor Institute.

Roles Responsibility
Provide clinical services for neuro-oncology patients, Manage direct patient care for patients with brain tumors, Participate in advocacy initiatives and research
Desired Qualification
MD Medical Doctor, Board certification in primary practice specialty, Board certification in relevant secondary specialty
Full Time
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