MRI Technologist


Works under general supervision and following established procedures, the MRI Technologist safely operates the Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner to acquire images for use by physicians in diagnoses and treatment of pathologies. Exercises independent judgment to modify scan techniques for optimal scan acquisition.

Roles Responsibility
Reviews MRI order for exam and indications, Reviews scan protocol and ensures that it has been entered for each exam, Performs venipuncture following established Departmental policies and procedures, Administers IV contrast agents, Maintains ACLS certification, Performs all duties pertaining to the performance of clinical and research MRI Exams, Screens patients for MRI safety and is responsible for patient positioning, coil, and protocol selection, Controls access into the MRI environment for non-MRI personnel, Confirms patient’s name, date of birth, medical record number and MRI exam ordered with each patient, Prepares and cleans the equipment and scanner room for each patient, Stocks and supplies room as needed, Performs daily quality assurance on MRI scanners and verifies the safe operation of all other patient equipment to be used during the work day, Notifies appropriate personnel of equipment malfunctions and needed repairs, Operates control console for each patient’s scan including selection of proper imaging protocols to image the designated body part/s, Operates various peripheral hardware and software, Enters patient data at start of examination and monitors data acquisition during procedure, Transfers patient images to PACs once exam is complete, Alerts the radiologist of any urgent finding, Archives image data to optical disc or DVD, Transfers, positions, immobilizes, and instructs patients in order to obtain the desired diagnostic imaging study as ordered by the requesting physician and protocolled by the radiologist, Utilizes Radiology Information Systems (Percipio, IDXrad, PACS/Centricity) to schedule, arrive, complete, archive, and send all patient and exam information, Document scans all paperwork into RMS Scanning system, Works collaboratively with Assistant Chief Technologist and Lead Technologists to ensure smooth, efficient patient flow and optimal utilization of MRI scanners, Delivers patient care within the scope of certification/training, Maintains effective working relationships and communication with all departmental staff and other ***** personnel, Remains up-to-date on developments and trends in MR imaging techniques, procedures, and equipment, Participates in educational programs and meets National and State requirements for continuing education credits, May oversee and instruct MRI technologists and students within the department, Demonstrates and instructs professional staff and students on MRI equipment operation and other technical aspects, May be required to work with lab animals for research purposes, Rotates within department, divisions, and all off-site clinics, by shifts as required and needed, cooperates with all personnel, promoting harmony within department, Performs point-of-care (POC) creatinine testing at applicable sites and upon completion of training, Performs all other duties as required and directed
Desired Qualification
Full Time
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