Mobile Health Per Diem Program Mammographer


At ***** ***** Medicine, a Per Diem TH Medical Radiographer is a valuable member of the team, providing clinical services to the patient population. Qualified candidates will demonstrate superior patient care and possess outstanding communication skills while adhering to high standards of excellence.

Roles Responsibility
Position patients, provides immobilization devices, selects proper technical factors, operates equipment, ensures protection standards, processes exams, performs QA, assists physicians, practices sterile techniques, delegates authority, oversees and instructs students, participates in quality control tests, conducts research, maintains records, secures and returns supplies, cooperates with personnel, rotates within departments, adheres to rules and regulations, assists in technical factor development, participates in in-service programs, participates in recertification training, performs first aid, maintains cleanliness, maintains licensure, maintains BLS and AED certification.
Desired Qualification
Associate Degree in Nursing
Per Diem
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