Medical Assistant – Allergy – Cape Coral & Port Charlotte


The Medical Assistant is responsible for providing an excellent customer experience in a team-based environment while assisting in all aspects of medical practice under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician or physician assistant. Responsibilities include patient safety, performing phlebotomy, point of care testing, assisting in minor procedures, processing lab specimens, safe operation of medical equipment, providing patient instructions, handling and administering medications, collecting patient information/data, maintaining medical records, coordinating requests for information and prescriptions, and preparing patient care areas.

Roles Responsibility
Provide excellent customer experience, Assist in medical practice under supervision, Ensure patient safety, Perform phlebotomy, Conduct point of care testing, Assist in minor procedures, Process lab specimens, Operate medical equipment safely, Provide patient instructions, Administer medications, Collect and maintain patient information and records, Coordinate information and prescriptions, Prepare patient care areas
Desired Qualification
HS High School
Full Time
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