Floor Technician ALL Locations


The Floor Technician may work in any ***** ***** location. The general responsibilities include maintenance of hard surface and carpet areas, troubleshooting and basic preventive maintenance on floor equipment, keeping areas clean and sanitary, providing courteous service, loading utility cart with supplies, collecting hazardous waste, performing minor repairs, conducting routine inspections of EVS equipment, coordinating with service providers, educating staff on equipment usage, and keeping maintenance logs.

Roles Responsibility
Maintenance of hard surface and carpet areas, Troubleshoot and preform basic preventive maintenance on floor equipment, Keeps areas clean and sanitary, Provides courteous service to patients, visitors, co-workers and physicians, Keeps work stations and equipment safe, neat, and clean, Loads hand pushed utility cart with supplies and equipment and pushes cart and/or equipment to assigned work area, Collects hazardous and bulk medical waste according to hospital policies, Maintains log of cleaning preventative duties performed, indicating location and pertinent information, Performs minor repairs on Departmental Equipment which doesnt require any special licensing certifications, Coordinates with service providers when repairs are necessary, Educate and train staff on proper usage and care of floor equipment, Basic mechanical skills repair manuals, part catalog, Keep maintenance logs
Desired Qualification
HS High School
Full Time
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