ER Financial Counselor


As a first point of access for ***** Memorial ***** System customers, the ER Financial Counselor completes and assists with insurance verification, authorization, and financial screening to secure maximum reimbursement for the ***** System. This position is also responsible for confirming patient identity and uses Epic and online resources to ensure Medicare medical necessity. Excellent verbal, analytical, and customer service skills are required due to the varying methods of continuous communication which occurs telephonically, in person, and bedside in a direct clinical care setting. The job requires extensive computer knowledge and analytical experience to navigate and interpret information provided by a multitude of payers. The role necessitates being multi-task oriented while using critical thinking skills to handle complexity and stress appropriately, displaying excellent customer service at all times.

Roles Responsibility
Complete and assist with insurance verification, authorization, and financial screening, Confirm patient identity, Ensure Medicare medical necessity using Epic and online resources, Communicate telephonically, in person, and bedside in a clinical care setting, Utilize extensive computer knowledge, Navigate and interpret information from multiple payers, Demonstrate critical thinking skills under stress, Provide excellent customer service
Desired Qualification
HS High School, Post high school training or college
Full Time
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