Clinical Simulation Education Specialist


The Simulation Education Specialist will work in collaboration with the Director of Clinical Information Systems and Professional Development to develop, plan, organize and coordinate curriculum within the Simulation Program at ***** *****. Will ensure established standards of quality and performance are upheld within the overall goals and activities of ***** ***** and the Simulation Program. The Simulation Education Specialist will focus to work closely with content experts and course authors to develop high quality coursework to be used at ***** ***** and its affiliates.

Roles Responsibility
Support/participate in Shared Leadership, Contribute to CNMC's Magnet Journey, Ensure learning is based on evidence of best practice, Accountable to participate in the Performance Improvement process (division or unit level), Participate in community activities, Design and deliver educational programs to internal and external faculty in the use of clinical simulation, Use theories that support teaching and learning with simulation, Consult with educators in all departments to design and implement clinical simulation-based teaching and learning activities, Maintain working knowledge of simulation equipment and related supplies, Serve as a simulation education consultant to internal and external customers, Promote clinical simulation as an avenue to engage staff in the practice of patient safety, Maintain professional development as an active member in the clinical simulation community, Support or conduct research activities within the Simulation Program learning environment at ***** *****, Ensure programs are developed with reference to the most updated peer-reviewed research identified in the clinical simulation community
Desired Qualification
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing
Full Time
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