Anesthesiologist Assistant


Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants (CAAs) are highly skilled health professionals who work under the direction of licensed anesthesiologists to implement anesthesia care plans. CAAs work exclusively within the anesthesia care team environment as described by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). All CAAs possess a premedical background, a baccalaureate degree, and also complete a comprehensive didactic and clinical program at the graduate school level. CAAs are trained extensively in the delivery and maintenance of quality anesthesia care as well as advanced patient monitoring techniques. Employee work schedules will be established and maintained on a fair and equitable basis to ensure optimal patient care and the safe, efficient operation of ***** *****.

Roles Responsibility
Collect preoperative data and perform physical examinations, Manage supportive therapy such as intravenous fluids and blood products, Administer cardiovascular drugs as supportive therapy, Make anesthetic adjustments using intraoperative monitoring modalities, Provide a safe transition from the operating room to the recovery area, Perform functions in postoperative pain assessment and management, Participate in administrative affairs, research, and clinical instruction
Desired Qualification
M.S. in Anesthesia, N/A
Full Time
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