How To Find Healthcare Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Jul 26, 2022

Healthcare Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Did you know there were over three million registered nurse jobs in 2020? The field is projected to grow by approximately nine percent between 2020 and 2030. Many healthcare jobs are accelerating at exceptional rates during the next ten years.

Whether you need a change of pace or have been traveling as a healthcare worker during the pandemic, you may have an interest in healthcare jobs in Jacksonville, FL. Florida is an excellent place to expand your job search. 

As a contract worker, you need a job-friendly site that reduces tedious searches. At JobGraze, we understand how important it is to connect with employers and start working immediately. 

We have compiled a complete guide on how you can find healthcare jobs in Jacksonville and simple ways you can get started today, so keep reading on for more information! 

Most Popular Healthcare Jobs

There are several shortages in the healthcare industry, but there are a few specific fields where jobs are booming. Here is a more comprehensive list of some of the most popular and available healthcare jobs:

  • Physical therapist
  • Registered nurse
  • Home health aid
  • Athletic trainer
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Nutritionist
  • Veterinarian
  • Ultrasound technician

The benefit of many of these jobs is that you can work in various fields and earn a decent salary. For example, nurse practitioners are found in nearly every facility, from hospitals to outpatient physician offices. As a bonus, a nurse practitioner’s salary can average more than $100,000 annually. 

Jacksonville Healthcare Job Market

Healthcare jobs in Jacksonville are plentiful, with several hospitals and educational institutes. Jacksonville has a lower unemployment rate compared to national averages. And it was ranked number four out of the best places to live in Florida. 

As further incentives, the cost of living and median home prices are also lower than the national averages. You can find jobs in hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, schools, and more. 

Contract vs. Full-Time Workers

When diving into the Jacksonville healthcare jobs, it is crucial to understand the differences between full-time or part-time employees and contract workers. An independent contractor is self-employed. 

You provide services with your own rates and hours. While it offers enormous flexibility and scalability, you have some limitations. 

First, you have to be mindful of income taxes. Since you aren’t paying taxes upfront, you will need to account for them at the end of the year. As a bonus, you can write off several aspects of work (e.g., laptop, clothes, mileage). 

Since you are a freelance worker, you also don’t have several of the benefits full-time workers have. You will need to navigate your own health insurance, and you won’t have paid time off. 

It can also make the job search a bit more challenging. Traveling healthcare workers spiked during the pandemic, especially nurses. While the work is largely based on contracts and not guaranteed full-time, it can sometimes offer more pay. 

Additionally, jobs aren’t limited to licensed hands-on employees, like doctors, nurses, or physical therapists. You can become a freelance medical writer or medical courier. These are excellent jobs for experiencing the health industry and seeing new places. 

Finding Healthcare Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Now that you understand the difference between contract and full-time employees, traditional job sites will have many limitations for freelance work. There are several comprehensive job search sites on the market that will target anything from work-from-home jobs to international agencies. 

While it may benefit some, it can muddle the healthcare job waters as you spend hours sifting through pointless searches. Even narrowing down healthcare jobs in Jacksonville to keywords and location could still limit your findings. 

Other avenues include asking relatives and friends or building connections with other employers. Referrals can go a long way in getting you a nice job, but if you are focused on traveling or contract work, that might not be your current goal. 

JobGraze is a unique employer and employee-designed site. It works with both ends, matching employers and employees in the health field in Florida. All you need to get started is a license verification and an account! 

How Does JobGraze Work?

As a medical contractor, JobGraze gives you the ultimate flexibility. As a new grad, locating a job that will give you a fighting chance in an interview can be difficult. JobGraze doesn’t care whether you graduated yesterday or have been in the field for twenty years. 

As long as your license is verified, you can set rates, match with employers, and communicate through our portal. There are thousands of jobs available, and you have unlimited access to jobs in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. 

When an employer expresses interest, you will receive notification of a potential job match. Since you have already listed your salary expectations and hours, you will have minimal details to iron out once you meet with an employer. 

JobGraze also allows you to see reviews and join forums. You can think of it as a medical LinkedIn job site for contractors and employers. It sets you up in a very close community, allowing you to connect and build relationships with various individuals and companies. 

Start Finding Healthcare Jobs Today

Have you wanted to expand your search for healthcare jobs in Jacksonville, FL? Don’t waste your time on popular search engines. You will have a more difficult time finding contract work and connecting immediately with employers. 

You could spend weeks clicking through various job ads. Instead, JobGraze simplifies your job hunt. 

We connect employers with medical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, giving you immediate hiring access and seamless conversation with employers. Are you interested in getting started? Register for JobGraze today and start your job search!