Hospitals Use Staffing Agencies for Part-Time Nursing Help

Jun 14, 2022

Over the past three years the landscape of hospital staffing has shifted. The “burnout” that was sometimes mentioned when considering ER and IC staffing, is now a reality beyond what we could have imagined. That is why hospital HR departments are turning to staffing services like During the recent pandemic beginning in 2020, valuable nurses and doctors experienced a crisis in health care services. Simply put, there was a staffing crisis. Not only was there a shortage, but precious staff members were working in states of exhaustion. They were suffering from long, thankless hours on their feet and working in dangerous conditions of exposure to the virus.

Small and large hospitals are wise to plan now for future similar events hitting our hospitals and clinics. Building a solid relationship with medical staffing services such as, should be built into new planning for the future.

Most hospitals or Groups have some familiarity with Online Staffing agencies even though they have robust Human Resources Departments of their own. As part of the new face of hospital preparedness, they need to use all available resources to find and attract the smartest and best nurses and staffing personnel. Jobgraze has a vetting process that pre-qualifies physicians and nurses long before your clinic or hospital is in a state of urgency or even crisis. Smaller hospitals are more inclined to forego the use of outside help mistakenly assuming that their HR departments are sufficient.

The reason it might behoove smaller clinics, hospitals and drop-in clinics to avail themselves of outside staffing solutions is that the goals of nurses and physicians is slowly shifting. The culture as a whole is desiring more flexibility in working hours. Simply put, physicians and nurses are waking up to a new reality. They are embracing the advantages of working part-time or short-term positions.  It is supposed that internet businesses ignited the burgeoning desire of medical professionals to live happier, less stressful lives.  Only ten short years ago doctors were known to burn the proverbial candle at both ends building large practices and spending hours in hospital.

More and more medical professionals are choosing part-time or short-term positions. They are seeing the benefit of posting their qualifications in one place ( where others do job searching for them. Online agencies are fully staffed and work at matching staff with hospitals and jobs that apply particularly to various disciplines.

Hospital HR departments have their hands full more than ever. They’re dealing with Health Insurance, equal opportunity mandates, The Affordable Care Act and other HR responsibilities. They need all the help they can get. Online staffing agencies review qualifications, curriculum vitae, references and previous job performance. They pre-qualify and vet all job-seekers so that the hospital’s job is much easier. This allows the hospital HR department to act quickly if there are any red flags beforehand.

Hospital HR departments are learning to develop strong relationships with online staffing companies. These relationships ensure that top notch nurses and often even physicians can be available in an emergency when staff is needed immediately.

To anyone unfamiliar with the staffing needs of hospitals it might seem hard to believe that hospitals get into staffing binds.  The recent pandemic is a case in point. Hospitals and staff were short on medical professionals to handle the extreme volume caused by the virus.  Employees were forced to work long hours into exhaustion. They were exposed to the virus and put their lives on the line due to a shortage in ready and available staff.

Using an online HR resource like benefits both hospitals and nurses.  This mutually beneficial relationship can be established very simply. Start your relationship with JobGraze by speaking directly with someone who can explain the long-term benefits of being prepared.