Frequently asked questions about our platform and community.

Healthcare Professionals FAQ

Frequently asked questions from healthcare professionals

We welcome all experience levels! Whether you’re a new graduate or have years of experience, we can connect you with the right employers.

We are currently working with employers in Florida and continually expanding nationwide.

All licensed medical professionals are welcome to join our platform. You must be willing to provide your license number and other personal identification information for verification.

Once your credentials are verified, your profile will show up for employers. If your preferences match their job requirements, they can send you a booking request.

Our employers will have contract jobs to fit any type of schedule. Whether you’re looking to pick up a couple of shifts a week or something more long term, you can find it on JobGraze.

Healthcare Employer FAQ

Frequently asked questions from healthcare employers

We have thousands of job candidates ready to work now. You can filter candidates by experience, geographic location, and pay rate. Once you have sent out a booking request, they will have 24 hours to respond.

We will provide you with a template to use, but in general you will need to list your facility information, the role and responsibilities, start and end dates, and shift length.

International RN Candidate FAQ

Frequently asked questions from registered nurses

Please contact us at hello@jobgraze.com and we will give you information about the preparation courses.

We will reimburse your fee for the exams and will be able to schedule an interview for you and process your documents for immigration.

Yes, you can still apply, but you would have to pay for your exam fee. Once you pass the exam, we will reimburse the fee.

Yes, at least 2 years of experience. Experience helps in building critical thinking skills and will make the transition period easier.

Yes, you need at least two years of current clinical experience in order to apply for the immigration visa.

Our employers are looking for candidates with clinical experience. Since your new job would be in a clinical setting, we suggest that you start work to get clinical experience in a hospital setting.

You would have to pay for your NCLEX RN and IELTS exam fees, however, we will reimburse the fees once you’ve passed the exams.

There will be no other costs to you. What you will make in your new job, you will keep 100%. We will cover all of your other expenses (i.e. visa processing and consulate fees).

Once you have passed the licensure exams such as NCLEX RN and IELTS, our agency will help you with document processing, obtaining a license, visa screen certificate, and processing immigration documents.

International General Candidate FAQ

Frequently asked questions from general candidates

You will be a direct hire and a full-time employee of the sponsoring employer. You will receive full benefits as offered by the Employer to the rest of their employees.

Prior to leaving your country, you will get culture training by the recruitment company. Once you are in the host country, you will get orientation and on-the-job training from the sponsoring employer. We will share with you more about your training once you have been hired.

Yes, JobGraze will greet you at the airport and will assist you in settling in (i.e. open a bank account, grocery shopping, lodging assignments, transportation arrangement) in the first two weeks. We will be available to support you, even beyond the two weeks.

Please register here or reach out to hello@jobgraze.com

No, it is free for healthcare professionals seeking employment.

No, JobGraze will pay the immigration fees for you.

You would be coming to the USA under the EB-3 Immigration Visa (permanent resident).

No, we are a healthcare employment agency helping direct employers in candidate selection for permanent employment. We assist with exams and document processing for visas in the USA and assist candidates with documents needed in their home country via our partners.

It is very difficult to put an exact timeframe on the immigrant visa process since there are so many different agencies involved in navigating the process. Generally speaking, a fair timeframe is approximately 6-10 months from the filing of the immigrant petition to approval at the U.S. Consulate.

Timeframes can vary depending on backlogs of cases at both the USCIS and the U.S. Consulate abroad.

If you have other questions, please send your inquiries to hello@jobgraze.com.

International Employer FAQ

Frequently asked questions from employers

The workers will be coming from countries where they are allowed by law. These countries can include the Philippines, India, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and Canada. We are always researching immigration laws in other countries to keep our candidate pool robust.

The cost may vary depending on the license, specialties, qualifications, and experience (such as a RN vs a LPN vs a physician) and the fees involved to file for their placement in the host country.

Immigration policies and employment laws may change from time to time, however, JobGraze will work with you to ensure that once a candidate is hired, they stay employed with you for at least 2 years.

Since these candidates will be your direct employees, we would ask for certain documents as needed by the U.S. Immigration Department and the host country.

Yes, we have many sources for nurses and can provide nurses for all disciplines.

The candidate would have at least 2 years of experience in their relevant field.

Yes, the candidates will be licensed in the US after passing the licensure exams (eg NCLEX RN and English exam for nurses).

Yes, you would be able to select candidates based on their resume and interview them before we start their immigration process.

The process duration varies depending on the host country and its immigration policy. We are always looking into ways to expedite the process.

For questions or for more information, please email employerrelations@jobgraze.com