Frequently asked questions about our platform and community.

Healthcare Professionals FAQ

Frequently asked questions from healthcare professionals

How is JobGraze different from other job sites?

JobGraze offers unlimited flexibility and opportunity to earn. As a Grazer, you can dictate your schedule, preferences, and earning rate.

How much experience do I need to become a Grazer?

We welcome all experience levels! Whether you’re a new graduate or have years of experience, we can connect you with the right employers.

Are you only working with employers in Florida?

We are currently working with employers in Florida and will be expanding nationwide in the near future. Register today to get notified of when we do expand.

What are the requirements to become a Grazer?

All licensed medical professionals are welcome to join our platform. You must be willing to provide your license number and other personal identification information for verification.

How fast can I find work?

Once your credentials are verified, your profile will show up for employers. If your preferences match their job requirements, they can send you a booking request.

Can I use JobGraze if I already have a job?

Our employers will have contract jobs to fit any type of schedule. Whether you’re looking to pick up a couple of shifts a week or something more long term, you can find it on JobGraze.

Healthcare Employer FAQ

Frequently asked questions from healthcare employers

What types of positions can I fill with JobGraze?

Our platform is open to all licensed medical professionals. These specialties can include RNs, psychologists, physical therapists, physicians, and more.

Do I have to be based in Florida to use your platform?

We are currently only working with employers in Florida, but we will expand nationwide in the future!

How quickly can I book a Grazer?

We have thousands of job candidates ready to work now. You can filter candidates by experience, geographic location, and pay rate. Once you have sent out a booking request, they will have 24 hours to respond.

What information do I need to provide on my job posting?

We will provide you with a template to use, but in general you will need to list your facility information, the role and responsibilities, start and end dates, and shift length.