5 Tips for How To Find Healthcare Jobs in Tampa, FL

Jul 19, 2022

Healthcare jobs in Tampa, FL

Did you know that around one-fifth of healthcare workers quit during the pandemic? Even pre-pandemic employment levels were below ideal numbers. Now, there are more healthcare shortages than ever before. 

This can open the door for new job avenues or contract work. As a licensed contract worker, you can set your pay and hours, offering more flexibility. Employers can benefit from having enough staff members to help their facility. 

However, if you have tried to search for healthcare jobs in Tampa, FL, the task can seem daunting and exhausting. Luckily, we have compiled our top five tips for finding jobs in Tampa, FL, and how you can get started today by connecting with employers. Keep reading on for more information!

1. Use Online Job Portals

Online job portals like Indeed and others are comprehensive job searches you can use for anything and everything. You can pinpoint keywords, like “healthcare job.” They also allow you to narrow your searches into geographic regions, such as “healthcare jobs in Tampa.”

However, there are a few pitfalls. First, some of these may have expired jobs or outdated listings. It can be extremely tedious sifting through all the jobs in Tampa that are irrelevant to your searches. 

Additionally, not all Tampa healthcare companies may use portals like these. They may target their job listings onto more niche sites (more on that below).

2. Ask Family and Friends

Family and friends can often give you referrals, boosting your chances of employment for Tampa healthcare jobs. Employee referral programs and incentives continue rising, leading to most companies stating it reduces hiring costs

Since many companies rely on referrals, you may not see these jobs posted on traditional sites. Additionally, your friends or family could receive bonuses (including you, at times) for a quality referral. 

There are a couple of downsides. First, referrals don’t always guarantee a job. Second, referrals are much more limited. 

If you don’t have family or friends with connections to healthcare jobs, you are largely out of luck. While this is a helpful and excellent suggestion, you should have other resources to use.

3. Transition Within Your Company

Lateral transitions within your company could give you a different viewpoint or allow you to move geographical locations. If your company is scalable or expanding, they may have other facilities or clinics that are opening healthcare jobs in Tampa.

This is a seamless way for you to find a job and relocate. However, like point number two, it isn’t reliable for long-term job searches. First, you have to be currently working with a company. 

Next, that company must have a job opening in the region you are looking at. Again, while it may work out for some, you must have other options that give you better reliability and selection.

4. Check LinkedIn or Social Media

Ads on LinkedIn reach nearly 828.1 million individuals. With millions of individuals using a LinkedIn account, you can develop connections and scan the job market. LinkedIn and other social media platforms aren’t solely used for job searches. 

However, it can give you a headstart on companies you have an interest in or individuals with connections. Ultimately, LinkedIn can build your portfolio and help you build your career long-term, but it is not a reliable job application site for healthcare workers.

Additionally, since healthcare requires certain qualifications and degrees, it is less prone to upward movement, promotions, and connection-building like other jobs may be, such as business, marketing, finance, or consulting.  

5. Sign Up for JobGraze

JobGraze is the only site dedicated to helping your find specific healthcare jobs in Tampa. It is also one of the few sites that allow for healthcare workers who are licensed contract workers. 

Most job sites are posting for full-time or part-time employees. JobGraze specializes in aligning medical companies with contract or 1099 workers. Here are some other benefits of using JobGraze:

  • Set your own rate
  • Receive job requests
  • View company or employer reviews
  • Message employers
  • Connect with other medical professionals
  • Immediate hiring capabilities

JobGraze differs from other job search sites like Indeed by offering more specific job searches, messaging capabilities, and salary calculations. You can more quickly navigate pay, hours, and expectations since JobGraze allows you to set a precedent beforehand. Additionally, it can help you match with employers who might be a good fit for what you are looking for in Tampa, FL. 

Do You Need Experience to Register on JobGraze?

No – JobGraze appeals to every level of experience, as long as you are a licensed medical provider. Your credentials will need to be verified before employers view your profile. This makes it an ideal choice for recent grads with minimal experience and difficulties locating jobs independently.

Additionally, JobGraze is currently only located in the Florida region, giving you targeted approaches to finding a job quickly in the Tampa area. Even if you currently have a job, you can connect with JobGraze employers about scheduling and contract work that benefits both parties. 

Start Finding Healthcare Jobs in Tampa, FL

You can find healthcare jobs in Tampa, FL, by ditching old-school job sites and registering for JobGraze. JobGraze specializes in medical contractors, giving you a refined job search. 

After credential verification, you can match with employers, have transparent salary requests, and flexible scheduling. In Tampa, the job search can get muddled by full-time positions, level of experience, and referrals. It can be extremely challenging to spend hours searching for the ideal job.

Let JobGraze do the leg work for you. Register today and get started with your new Tampa, FL job!